Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Daily log

The day went in a normal way. Fixed a VI and I am happy about that. Met Satish in the evening and had a few chat sessions with Rahul Bharadwaj. Then went to meet Deepak at his home. Reason was to deliver him Windows XP cd. Normal working days can't have anything better to offer. Unfortunately Deepak's comp has gone out of order. Maybe I am the reason, maybe the poor look after.
And here I am doing the normal daily browsing. This used to happen in office normally. thanks to the new internet connection I can do it from home now. The news of Jot getting sold out to google has just got out. That is really surprising especially since google offers similar and better services in all its domains. May be they are looking at expanding their user base or employee base whom they won't have to train now. In  fact Zoho offers remarkably better services. And I am particularly impressed with them since they operate from India.
Another interesting application that I have got across is FindMeOn.com
It tries to integrate various usernames something I am very keen about using. Let's see how much useful its going to be for me.

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