Sunday, October 22, 2006

Finally at home!!

Last few days have passed in an interesting manner. I have a lot to write but unfortunately this cyber cafe doesn't have the facilities to do it now. Only explorer is present here and that too sucks in a big way.
My journey to home began in the worst possible way. I had choose a very bad train since reservations were not available in other trains. The train typically takes 24 hours to cover a distance which other trains cover in 12 hours. On the top of it, the engine got fire (thankfully while on a platform). That forced us to change train but that too did not changed things for better. The other train a passanger too 3 hours to cover 40 kms. any way after two nights journey, I am finally at home and enjoying the good ambience and weather here. It was long time since I came to home and its seems such times will become rare in future.
I came here for doing some of my works but unfortunately that cannot happen. That's to adam's explorer. It sucks !!!

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