Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tech: AJAX solutions

Like everyday, I came across a number of cool Web-based products today!!
The day started with the news of writely and Spreadsheet collaborating to Such a thing is better for user perspective. Now users can access both using a single login.
The second thing was I came across a web based application site:
It is interesting to find such a wide suite of products from a company which has a center in India. AJAX (asynchronous java and xml) technology is taking web documenting by storm. Looking at the kind of products that zoho has on offer, one can easily guess what Google can do about its products and what new areas can be ventured. Soon after I read about a google board member talking about scarcity of people in India. He was especially talking of dearth of people with knowledge of AJAX. His anxiety is very valid, and with the government still not thinking about education seriously, things will only get worse.
I don't need to surf the internet a lot these days, Google reader brings everything which interests me to me. Thats another good thing about RSS.

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