Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tech notes

I would like to see google starting a service wherein any update in writely is reflected on my web-site. It is very easily possible by feed. I hope google does it soon. Zoho has this service already!! Infact, it has many more of them. Only problem with it - the servers are not capable of handling the traffic it gets.
Only today has google launched a google educator has nothing new, but looks good to see google interested in promoting its products among educators.

I came across and both working in the area of online text processing and collaboration. See them the work done by google seems far more impressive. Zoho is quite good as well. Probably these are some of those new player and may take some time before catching up. Another thing which these ppl try out is chat service. They have made their log-in's really simple. You don't have to write too much and fill big forms to see how these applications work. One good thing about jot was the page customization that it allows. Such an option can help users decide between simple look and bulky but good look.

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