Thursday, October 26, 2006

Time Pass

I was just going through my old blogs. And I realised how important they are for recollecting old memories. I had started bloging when I was in Singapore. I remember those days as one of the best in my life. Blogs and pictures have kept the memories fresh. Although I am no longer in touch with the people. Had a small chat with Divya one day and that was it. Maybe in the next few days, I would be getting back in contact with a few of them. Time is also running out for me and I need to plan very meticulously for the next few days to fruitfy certain goals. And I don't want to be loser yet again.
I have just returned from home and probably wont be going back for next three months. Contacts are getting weaker and I am learning some facts of life the hard way. Again this is not the ideal place to explain which ones.
I will be returning home into a calm environment especially after Satnam was there for around a month. Life should be easier that way.

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