Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Movie

Last weekend, I saw a movie of salman Khan -- Jaaneman. Incidently, a class-12 friend of mine -Rahul Bhardwaj came in contact this weekend as well (I hope to meet him over the next weekend - venue is Akshardham temple and reason - a treat from Naveen Bhartiya for his new job - that's interesting - I haven't given them any as yet).
I am not a great friend of Salman Khan - and I ended up liking the role of Akshay Kumar. He is a real scene stealer (far ahead of Salman - girls may disagree). And had improved a lot over the years. A forgetable story but still the movie was worth its money - with laugh bites every now and then and typical hindi movie love triangle maasalaa.

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