Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blogging just too much!!!

Our generation has grown up reading novels and memoirs of writers of fifties and before. As a child when I read those long and very frequent letters (put together in a book) written by people like Gandhi and Nehru, I always wondered why people of our generation don't write as much and how people of that generation got so much of time. That was an age when gadgets like TV were recently introduced and they used to the whole of time. Writing was never a priority with ever increasing costs. Writing on paper never got the visibility and seemed to solve no purpose. Thankfully things are changing now. Internet allows you to write, create opinions, write memoirs and do what-ever. Unlike writing on paper, it gets an immediate recognition. Accessing such online articles, web-spaces, blogs dont need any effort. And that has turned a number of people of our generation into writers -- and people like me into blogger - a persistent one -- I blog more than five posts everyday. Out of this, I can see a number of positive changes in me. I think twice of what I earlier did and have opinions on most of the topics rather than being ignorant.

Thanks to all the free time I get, I can easily afford to manage time enough and my blogs and never descriptive but just informative.

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