Thursday, November 02, 2006

Credit cards

Today, some people from Standard Charter gave me a call for Credit Cards. My senior friends here tell me that with time such calls will only increase and will become more and more annoying. For me, I need to talk to them to keep updated with what is on offer. It turned out that the man had come to our office and was giving a call from there. Initially, I felt the voice wasn't clear but the guy was just talking what he always talked on first call to a potential client and probably in deliberate not-so-clear language. I went down to meet him. However, I did not had all the documents required and had to ask them to come again. While talking to them, I remembered the words of my brother -- they make sure that people sign without reading everything. They just kept showing that they were in a hurry. I signed the documents -- but now I regret - I should have read them with patience - although a quick glance did not showed me any problem.
Credit cards have become a useful menace. Only today, I was reading an article saying that the interest rates charged by them turns out to be in the region of 30-40% per annum in India. The article was comparing the rates in India and US. It said the rates in US are much lower. That is natural since India has a higher saving interest rate as well.

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