Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daily log

And here passes another day without much done. Tried watching a movie -- Machinist in the evening but soon got fed up. Movies of this class always irritate me. Its a story of a man who hasn't slept for around a year. His hallucinations led to many a accidents - including one where a lost his arm to a machine which this guy was driving -- all because of his callousness. It seemed so deplorable that I had to shut it down in half. That's bad since download takes a full day unlike days in IIT. So, not watching a movie after downloading is a huge loss. By the way, we came across LimeWire, its a nice application for downloads -- peer to peer. We tried downloading some files - and found the speed amazing. Search options make it a favorite for me -- at least ahead of Bit-torrent where you have to follow a bit complex process for downloading. I had a chat with pradeep after a long time. Chats have became very rare recently (with everyone and not just him). It's good to note that he is doing well with his job. He is currently doing a post-doc in univ. of Ottawa

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