Thursday, November 02, 2006

Daily log

The day has passed without much a-do. This was probably a day with some more progress towards my goals. Today's mail will sort out my future directions. There's a huge amount of ambiguity and I am still unclear about how I would be proceeding about things. I never wanted to do things where I have to attach my hopes on someone. Anyway that's life.
I am surprised to not have found out something interesting today. If something comes across I would definitely blog about it. Work in office won't be the same from tomorrow with my position poised to change. I hope I would feel easy in the new environment. This place is bit choking with no-one around to talk to.
And here while I write this blog, I found something interesting. I guy Vaibhav from priority-one ( contacted me in the evening. I was hoping him to be thakur but was surprised when he gave details. I have delibrately kept this blog out of preview of search engines and still google is advertising about it on net. More-so with its alerts. It's also interesting to see people spending so much of time finding potential candidates -- that too at odd times of the day. Good amount of professionalism has crept into India :).

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