Monday, November 13, 2006

daily log

The day has been eventful. Not all good ones : -
Got up just in time to reach office in time. Ofcourse without taking the trouble of bathing (temperatures here are lowering fast and it is no longer a good decision from health point of view). Got to office at 10:00. I had to change my seat, no clue some others were also in contention (contending for seats is a very normal situation in our society). A few minutes the other contender gets in only to ask me about it (via media to create more pressure). Anyway I denied and it all rested.
yesterday, was the birthday of a friend also in my group so that creates a good reason for outing. So, we went (such events have never been good for me and leave an odd feeling to my memories. Thankfully, it was not like the other ones). 
I had to meet a dentist and went out early from office (not very early, it was 6:00 then). I won't call it to be a terrible experience , thanks to local anethesia(but it went for an hour or so and would happen again at least two more times)

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