Friday, November 03, 2006


The day ended up in an absolute un-typical manner and while I update this blog I must confess I am out but still in my senses to write this blog. I was not hoping to go out this evening and was just hoping that the day ends finishing the tasks undone. It was then that I got a call from Rahul Bharadwaj. After 5 missed calls, I decided to call him. I was not finding myself to be free enough. I had not imagined he would be coming to Noida today. He had always told me that he would be coming on Saturday, and I had planned accordingly -- including giving him a daaru treat. It just turned out the different way. He told me he was already in Noida and that forced me to move out of office for Spice mall early.
He was in all mood to drink and I could not stop him. Probably this is the first treat I gave voluntarily ever since getting into this job and being in Noida. We took two quarters of whiskey and got into a dhabba  never expecting to get into a broil there. Anyway it did happen -- and I had to use all my negotiating skills to come out of it. We just sat with two similar aged people since there was no space. These guys were already drunk and just started talking -- sometimes calm sometimes making pranks, we listened and maintained our calm with all modesty. One of them was in all mood to fight -- trying to pinch rahul in all possible ways. Luckily I was sitting next to him, I used touch therapy to calm him ;)
Soon he started calling me brother -- but was still in mood to fight. Anyhow we gulped all the liquid as soon as possible and got out as soon as possible. Alchohol got into my blood too soon and too deep. I never felt so much inebriated so soon and so much - but this was a different day. We had bought tickets for the movie - Don and that kept me from sleeping. I am not a frequent drinker and have drunk probably five-six times in the last one year. Watching a whole movie seemed difficult but costs forced me to go for it.
The movie has released last week and ever since it has been criticised a lot in the media. I have seen the original Don but it was during my school days - probably in class ninth. We were shown this movie on a projector -- a large screen and with a lot of pump and show. We died to see a movie on projector then and so I remember that incident clearly but not the movie -- expect for memories of Amitabh Bachhan and other stars present in the movie.
Although a lot has been said about the movie, I must say this is a real good one!! Shahrukh is STAR, and he has lived to the expections. This was a well-told story, with all the actors acting brilliantly. While it was difficult for me to find flaws with acting and direction, one must accept that the director took up a chisa-pita story of yesteryears, and played it in a manner where you never feel the storyline is of eighties.

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