Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kidnappings in UP

The news of kidnap of the son of head of Adobe, India has booked the front page of most news-papers these days. It is really saddening to see such things happening to the someone related to such a good company. Adobe's India office happens to be very nearby my home, infact one of the nearest residential buildings near abode some 100mts away. Adobe has brought in some very important changes to the world, the way it is today, the way research is conducted and the way data is shared and protected.
For last few months, we could hear a number of products being launched by Adobe. Moreover, a number of them are being developed in Noida center. It ranks highly among the employee satisfaction surveys. Only recently, new-papers had covered widely the contribution of Adobe India facility. Probably that was one news which made it so vulnerable to the dacoits of UP. Inspite of the request of father for not making this news important, media is covering it widely, telling all minor updates and tracking the movements of police. I hope the boy returns safe without their parents having to cough up ransom and the culprits brought to justice.

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