Saturday, November 04, 2006

Menaces of yahoo

Unfortunately, google entered into many domains quite late. Because of this, I am still maintaining yahoo and other accounts and have to take the pain keep loging in regularly. Yahoo applications have grown bulky with every new "update" -- that's what they call it. The massenger they provide continues to consume a huge amount of memory and conflicts with some of the softwares that I use. Additionally, they give some "FREE" plug-ins with it which is not obvious to remove for new users. Their new look mail sucks as well, its way too bulky leading to occasional browser crashes. I had got it during its early beta editions but I never used it. Thankfully, applications like meebo allow me to check my messanger and occasionally chat with some friends.

Only today I find meebo updating its site comprehensively to give itself a new look!!! That's good, since I use it very regularly although there are a few other vendors providing similar service but meebo has grown on to be a better and more known brand.

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