Saturday, November 04, 2006

Old memories

I have been with Rahul Bharadwaj since two days. Still I am yet to write anything about him. He was my batchmate in class 11-12. We share some fond memories of old times. For quite some time I was looking forward to meeting. Unfortunately, such feelings don't stay anymore. He has turned out into one guy I won't like to meet after meeting once. Time has changed a lot of us and I can find dramatic changes in a lot of my batchmates.

During college years, I had an opportunity to listen to T N Sesan and I can remember one of his proverbs -- After eighteen people don't change, if they do - they break. I would categorize Rahul into one who is broken by time - and tides of life. True - he is facing a lot of problems of life but everybody else does. People who have smaller problems, start looking at those small problems as large. And then those problems in general make you stronger and responsible. Such terms no longer suit for this guy. A fresh graduate and looking for job - he seems to have a good amount of energy -- something similar to his earlier days. Drinking has brought him down completely. He starts his day with a quarter and remains in a half sense state for the rest of the day. One can very easily understand why he had to leave his last job and why he is still not getting one.

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