Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Put a check on blogs!!

I have decided to drop making a number of blogs and keep them limited and focused. In the last few days, I was blogging a bit too much -- clocking an average of five everyday. Now that a big number - given the tight schedule that I follow in office. It's quite difficult to write on any topic there. You must be passionate about your work. I have started liking EDA -- but the people here don't share my level of energy. I want to be fast and would prefer creating better applications than just fixing the existing bugs. And you don't an expert to tell you the software sucks -- and in a big way. Its not obvious to use, is bulky, gives a huge amount of noise, coding methods used won't be used by even the beginners. They sell (if they do) because of probably their competitive pricing. A complete India-centric R&D allows them to keep their engineering costs at rock bottom and offer products at much better rates. In sectors where compititors are few, such technique can easily win a few customers -- and for the company its bread and butter.

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