Sunday, November 19, 2006

Root Canal Treatment

I am undertaking root-canal treatment for one of my teeth. I had got one tooth filled some 3-4 years back and some part of the filling got out. Infection got in and when I met the doctor, I was told that it needs a root-canal treatment. Having no inkling of what it entails, I quickly agreed and asked the doctor to go ahead immediately. My tooth was operated upon after giving a local anesthsia. The process is still continuing. Meanwhile, I have done some search on what this treatment means and am putting up some part of it:

Root canal therapy refers to the process by which a dentist treats the inner aspects of a tooth, specifically that area inside a tooth that is occupied by its "pulp tissue."
Purpose of Root canal treatment: You could say that the purpose of root canal treatment is to create an end result where the tissues that surround a tooth's root will maintain a healthy status despite the fact that the tooth's nerve has undergone degenerative changes. Specifically, we mean that the tissues surrounding a tooth's root are not affected by bacterial infection and/or irritating substances leaking from those inner aspects of the tooth originally occupied by the tooth's nerve tissue.
In a nutshell, the process of root canal treatment first removes (as thoroughly as possible) bacteria, nerve tissue, the organic debris left over from the breakdown of nerve tissue, and bacterial toxins from within the inner aspects of a tooth (the area originally occupied by the tooth's nerve tissue). Each of these items can produce tissue irritants that can cause your body to activate an inflammation reaction.

I was not very convinced with the argument as to why I needed root-canal treatment. But doing my own research, I am quite convinced.

The treatment is not a good experience but a necessary one.



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