Thursday, November 02, 2006


Another good application which I have just came across.
Just mail your data photographs here and you get back a pdf version. This can be helpful for a number of applications.
Unfortunately, for some reason the net has gone slow for some unknown reason. Although Limewire is running and consuming a sizable amount of bandwidth, but I still expect the net speed to be better. I could not open my web-page completely, thanks to this slow speed. I hadn't thought air-tel connection won't perform this way. Anyway, I just can hope this improves in some time -- as night descends


Anonymous said...

Actually, the mobile copy technology and concept you're describing was first pioneered and showcased in 2005 by an innovative European company called Realeyes3D. They have launched a service in the US called qipit ( during DEMOFall 2006 last september. With qipit you can use your camera phone or digital camera to turn pictures into documents in seconds. You can then easily share the black and white or color clear crisp digital copies with anybody from or store them online in your private, secure document center.

I did try the service and can tell you it works in almost any lighting conditions and delivers very good quality copies, provided you have a decent camera phone (1.3 + Mpixel w/ autofocus)

anurag said...

Thanks for this information :)

anurag said...

Thanks newton for bringing to my attention this real cool application qipit. While searching the net, I could find some other similar applications like cutePDF

It seems a lot of work is being done in this area. Cudos to such people!!!