Tuesday, January 02, 2007

http://anurag.vox.com Secondary site for blogging and for OpenID

For last couple of days, I have been using vox along with blogger as
my blogging site. http://anurag.vox.com
This is just to compare the best services present in the internet
space for blogging and compare them against blogger. I find vox quite
flexible in allowing me which blogs to keep public and which ones to
keep private. They allow easy posting using a number of different
unique e-mail IDs. Alongwith this, vox ID is an OpenID. I hope OpenID
would become famous with time making services like vox more famous.

Note: OpenID allows users to maintain a single ID for logging into
many web-sites. Although, currently few sites support it, but this
number is expected to increase with time or at least they should help
in the development of something similar to this concept.



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