Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On yahoo pipes

Yahoo pipes had got incredible online media focus when it launched. In spite of some initial hiccups with their bandwidth, they are working fine now. People are playing with the pipes and a huge list is already created. I found this method great, but it can still be made better with better filtering tools. I would love to have something which can take as input some feed and search over those links to take out the really relevant one. Currently, I take feed from digg which directs me to the digg site. I would like to create a filter to take these as input and give me as feed the actual site so that I can bypass the slow and heavy digg page. I hope such improvements are in the pipeline - coming either from yahoo or its competitors. By the way, after a long time I have seen something really good coming out of Yahoo directly and not through an acquisition (I am not sure if it is created by a team acquired by Yahoo).

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