Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google maps adds another dimension to buildings!

Google maps has added another dimension to its maps. Google earth Blog reports that now you can see another dimension of the buildings for some select locations.
Google is yet again adding features to Google Maps which bring it closer to Google Earth. In February Google added building outlines to major cities when you zoom in close. Now Google has added 2.5D buildings to some of those cities for Google Maps. You can't rotate or tilt your view, so it's 2D. But, the buildings have shaded 3D-like projections from an angle so you get an idea of height and shape of the buildings. See an example by going to this Google Map. Looks like about 35 cities have the buildings in the US, and Tokyo.

It certainly brings maps to Google earth. Google is doing everying to stay ahead of its competitors in this arena!

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