Monday, May 21, 2007

Zoho notebook coming out of private alpha

Zoho notebook is finally coming out of closed alpha. Its features had impressed me when it came but initially it had some problems with speed and it made my firefox crash. Now in beta, those problems seem to have gone and it looks like a promising application for storing and collecting web content while browsing. A firefox plug-in makes it even more complete.

Its features (as told to me):
  • Add text, image, audio, video, RSS feed, HTML content from web, Zoho Writer doc, Zoho Sheet spreadsheet etc
  • Share with friends / colleagues, permission settings at object level
  • Versioning support to view/revert to any past version
  • Add comments to pages or to individual objects
  • URL to access Zoho Notebook Beta : (also at
  • Firefox add-on for clipping web pages
  • Demo Video of Private Alpha

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