Monday, August 27, 2007

Pictures of UT!!

I spent the last evening roaming on the campus with a camera with some friends. The photographs have been uploaded on flickr. UT is a beautiful campus and it does not get dark even at 8:00pm in this part of the world.
I also created some web-pages and uploaded them on my ece web-page earlier in the day. It still needs some work but a start page is ready and working.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Grandcentral - Customize everything about your cell

GrandCentral is an exciting application for personalizing a lot of things about phones through the web. Since the google bought it a few days back, I hope it would remain a free service for ever like most other google services. With this, you can choose a number which stays with you for your whole life without having to bothering about mobile service. One can do a lot of things from screening users to blocking them, receive voicemail notification using e-mail and SMS, personalize different things like different Phones using a single number. I have quickly created a number for myself which I hope will remain with me forever: (512) 524-3985